CIVIL Campaign for Free Elections

CIVIL – Center for Freedom has started the video campaign “For Free Elections”. The team of CIVIL has recorded statements of 27 intellectuals, artists and activists who have shared their thoughts, feelings and messages on the importance of free elections. Starting as of 16 November 2015, CIVIL will be publishing one statement from this campaign every day.

You can support this new campaign for free elections by broadcasting, re-publicizing, reposting and sharing the video content in the media and social networks. The campaign consists of video clips being posted on the YouTube channel and the CIVIL website, along with a number of other media and field activities of the organization, all with the purpose of raising public awareness on the voters rights. The sound recordings of the statements are published on the CIVIL SoundCloud channel. All content is licensed under Creative Commons, which means free downloading without obtaining permission from the source.


This year CIVIL has launched a series of projects with the purpose of contributing to overcoming the political crisis and creating conditions for free elections. This campaign is part of those projects.

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