Sinisa Stankovic: To be or not to be!

Journalist Sinisa Stankovic on overcoming fear and making the right choice:

Macedonia has been groaning for an entire decade, plummeting towards an abyss from which there is no return. Therefore, the next elections in Macedonia, whenever they will allow us or whenever we succeed in having them, will be a question of – to be or not to be. I am for free elections. I am for freedom and democracy! I hope that all the others living in this country will also have respect and fight for freedom. Therefore, all citizens of Republic of Macedonia, ethnic Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Roma, Serbs, nonetheless, must finally overcome their fear within themselves, must succeed in attaining the position of having their free will respected and must make the right choice: to elect those who will respect their rights to making choices and who will be accountable for each of their procedures.

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