Responsibility, you gangsters!

The tiny little good fortune in this great misfortune that happened to Macedonia, is that those “who do not wish to deal with politics”, along with those who blindly listen, vote, go to elections or follow the commands of the parties in power, also saw the torn to pieces party machinery that usurps institutions, which is not able to deal accordingly with a more intense rainstorm. The consequences are terrible! It costs us too much, it costs us human lives and destruction. And nature does not choose by ethnicity, nor by party membership.


By: Petrit Saracini

This general degradation of the institutions has finally shown brutally to everyone, regardless of the affiliation. In its entire dark “radiance”. What happened is something that cannot be hidden, not even with the most skilled and expensive PR. And this degradation is happening everywhere, within all professions and areas, which significantly impacts our lives. Such is the case in the education and health care, in the police and judiciary, labor relations and social welfare, in protection of the environment, in the infrastructure and construction…

Your favorite “foreign mercenaries”, “Sorosoids”, “spies” and others have been warning on this degradation for years…Those who raise the alarms on time, so as to avoid such situations. But, they do not cost anything, and that is why there is so much black propaganda of the government towards them, by using all of its power at disposal, precisely because they turn on the red signals and spoil the rosy picture of the government.

Now, your favorite “traitors” demand responsibility! We are quite fed up with “calming down the situation”, “now is not the time” and other similar expressions!

We want responsibility, you gangsters! Aside from that you were not prepared, had neglected the infrastructure, had unprofessional people in key positions, did not warn the population and did not even try to deal with the rainfall accordingly, but even after that, you furthermore manage to ruin everything you lay your hands on! From distributing aid along ethnic and party lines, to not having the number of victims three days after the disaster, with news of the public service on the day of the mourning that trample all standards for conducting news on such day, to chaos and lack of any coordination with the assistance…, through the inappropriate treatment of those who were killed in the storm that is contrary to international standards to which the country has made a commitment…all the way up to your disgusting PR, which uses such a human disaster in order to once again “buy” a vote and to spit at those that are not with you. A misfortune for which you are mostly at fault, because of your additional negligence, incompetence and criminality! And not to even mention the millions that have been stolen with “SK 2014” and the debts of billions, money that would have saved many – if they were properly used!

Responsibility, you gangsters! People are getting killed!



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