Macedonian president Ivanov under diplomatic siege and civil revolt

“This signifies the end of the rule of law in Macedonia under the current leadership....If the President doesn't resign, what is the choice left for the citizens of Macedonia ...?

Either Victor Hugo's formula "la loi du pavé" ( the law of the street ), or acceptance by the ruling party of the need to compromise and to postpone the early elections until ALL the conditions for credible elections are met, no matter how long it takes. Once again it is the citizens who are the unwilling victims of the partisan politics of the ruling parties.” - former Special Envoy and Chief of EU Delegation to Skopje Erwan Fouere wrote on his Facebook profile tonight about the latest development of the political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia.


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President Ivanov

Crisis escalated after the Macedonian President Gorge Ivanov issued a statement that he pardons politicians that are subject to investigations of the allegations contained in the wiretapped recordings. That would be a way out of the political crisis, said Ivanov in his public address.


Protest against the act of Ivanov, evening of April 12, 2016

Among other things, Ivanov issued accusations that the political crisis is a consequence of foreign influence. He said he cannot “allow what happens to Macedonia, during his mandate”.

This triggered protests on the streets of the Macedonian capital of Skopje and many reactions of the representatives of the international community.


EU Commissioner Hahn tweet

Earlier on April 12, the EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said on Twitter: "Today's actions of President (Gjorge) Ivanov are not in line with my understanding of rule of law. In light of these developments, I have serious doubts if credible elections are still possible. Political leaders must know that the actions we have seen recently put the EuroAtlantic future of their country seriously at risk. Democracy means compromise and serving the citizens. I call upon all political parties to get back to the negotiating table and work for reforms.”

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Peter Vanhoutte tweet

“Only the people can bring back a European future!” – wrote Peter Vanhoutte, international mediator in Macedonia. “Goodbye Macedonia. Without justice, this is the end of EU integration” – his popular cat-meme reads on Twitter.

“Our comment for media inquiries in regard to President’s statement today: The President’s statement this afternoon needs clarification. If the decision to pardon politicians extends to investigations of the allegations contained in the wiretap recordings, then that would be a matter of considerable concern. Full investigation of those allegations, and any due legal process, are essential elements of the Przhino agreement. As such they are central to any sustainable resolution of the current political crisis.” – wrote UK Ambassador to Skopje on his Facebook profile.

The independent news portal Plusinfo reported that earlier on Tuesday evening, the President Gorge Ivanov refused to meet the German Ambassador Dr. Althauser and the US Ambassador Baily, after refusing phone calls from EU diplomats in Brussels.


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