A female letter to the fan groups

I do not want to start immediately with feminist interpretations of macho men, but, whatever way you turn things around, not one single normal clause justifies violence. Let’s be clear, in a world where no alpha males will admit that behind their ego trip of leading men are successful women, women will hardly be able to argue without affectivity.

And here we can begin with the violence. Verbally, if we are lucky.

Биљана Јордановска

By Biljana Jordanovska

In my humble thirty years of existence, I have met men who keep the world on the palm of their hands, but, also men who would crush, crumble, chew and spit it out. And without going any deeper into their primordial nature of work, men have one weakness, or, in particular, passion. Sport. Game. Match. Consequently, determining and favoring a particular sport, team or individual. Then come grouping and rooting. And in nowadays, settling scores as well. Violent, with additional equipment for a "successful" fight and always for the wrong reasons. The universal rule that sport should in no case hurt a living creature, is only declarative.

And before you start complaining that I am generalizing, we need to clear things up immediately, I am referring to fans fraternities. Yes, fraternities, because "sisterhoods" can be found, isolated, in betting shops, but not as part of groups that fight in the parks or streets after a game. Fan groups are exclusively male. Fact. And once again, just so it doesn’t seem like women have not fought for the exclusive right to be part of a fan group, I will not go any further than Macedonia. All honors to any one woman, in this region, who claims the right to exclusivity. Normally, as long as sportsmanship, fair play, and the satisfaction of a pursued match are favored.

However, here we are becoming greater witnesses of brutal fights, with blood and victims, which always serve to make a point and prove something.  The llinguistic matrix, with the exception of curses and vulgarisms, is losing its meaning. Is the sport here in the spirit of healthy competition, excitement and fun? How exciting and entertaining is it when in the center of the city, you accidentally run into a fight between fan groups and end up being the victim? Whereby, the reasons are - ethnic, political, criminal, all, but not sports related. How will you explain to the child that is holding your hand that sport is a privilege? Sport contributes to the physical and mental health. Sport is exciting and entertaining. The direct or indirect participation in sports contributes to socialization and opens new horizons. Sport teaches. How, when the first contact with sport is through violence?

"Komiti", "Sverceri", "Ckembari", "Kumani", "Balisti", "Iliri", "Vojvodi"... try to understand that sport represents the wealth of a community and needs to overcome the political and ethnic differences. If you want to prove yourselves, love someone. Do not hate everything that comes along. In this time of madness, when everyone is looking at everyone else doubtfully and nobody trusts anyone, be the one to show the strength of goodwill and reasonableness. In times when crime is the main feature of the state organization, be the one who in the spirit of fair play will overcome violence. At a time when education is a brainwashing machine, educate yourself- with a sport like helping hand.

My dear macho men, alpha-males and other members of fan groups, please allow us to cheer for you for a change!

Biljana Jordanovska

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