RAMP - Panel discussion on the un(acceptance) of people with disabilities in society

CIVIL, on the occasion of International Day of People with Disabilities, December 3, is organizing a panel discussion titled “Ramp”, dedicated to the (un)acceptance of people with disabilities in society, as well to the processes for deinstitutionalization and access to services of institutions at the local and national level. The panel discussion will be held on December 3, in the Museum of the City of Skopje, starting at 12 noon.

Panelists on this exceptionally important topic are Petre Silegov, Mayor of the Municipality of Skopje, Dusan Tomsic and Vangel Trkaljanov from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Blagica Dimitrovska from the Association for Promotion and Development of Inclusive Society “Inkluziva”, Kumanovo and Xhabir Deralla, CIVIL.

This year, CIVIL is celebrating 20 years since its founding, a time filled with a sincere and dedicated fight for human rights and freedoms. Namely, CIVIL’s first project and public event 20 years ago was related precisely to human rights of people with disabilities, as well as with setting the first access ramp in a public institution, and that was the Museum of the City of Skopje.

CIVIL Communication Team

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