Maniacs and criminals exist hidden in the dark offices of the system!

We, CIVIL – Center for Freedom, with repulsion and utter revolt, most strongly condemn the system that destroys children’s lives! And we demand from the Public Prosecutor’s Office to initiate procedures immediately, today! We demand visible results within hours, and not days, and not the least years! We believe that at this moment we speak on behalf of all conscious and mindful citizens, parents, children…

The horror through which the children go through in the inhuman system of the institutions in charge of their care, raising, education and well-being has pulled the last straw with the latest horrible information about the rape and seducing of a 12-year-old child!

The sick minds of individuals employed in those institutions have destroyed entire lives and this has been going on for years, if not even decades. Maniacs and criminals exist hidden in dark offices of the system!

They should be arrested and taken before the court as of today. Those who will be found to be insane sexual maniacs and tormenters need to be immediately put in appropriate (closed) institutions. Those who will be found to have been knowingly performing such molestation or who have not been performing their work tasks, should be sanctioned most severely, with the highest penalties foreseen for criminal abuse of power.

Those who have raped and seduced a child, have to immediately face the full force of justice! There is nothing more clear than this! Those who have kept silent and have been covering up, those who have been engaged in an organized criminal network of trafficking children’s bodies, dignity and lives, have to be sanctioned equally severe and uncompromisingly, according to the laws! This horror could not have happened without an organized and active criminal structure and without the criminal silence of all the employees in the institutions.

You are all responsible and miserable, worthy only of contempt!

Starting treating the system today or stop charging taxes and fines! We, CIVIL – Center for Freedom and all those who respect humanity and dignity at least a bit, demand justice, now and here! Nothing else but justice!

“Projects”, “agreements”, “standards”, “programs”, “research”, “statistics”…These are all just excuses and follies, with one word – covering up of a criminal system. Non-governmental organizations stop with the follies and the search for money on the account of children and their suffering! Journalists stop with the disinformation and distortion of facts, because you are lazy or because you have someone to flatter! All of you together, stop with the hidden hate speech and discrimination that radiate from your expressions such as “population”, “mentality”, “layers” and similar seemingly correct expressions and empty phrases.

With all due respect to all the projects that the MLSP intends to implement in the following years, this case, along with all the others for which we have learned in the past days, have to be immediately clarified. The victims need to be placed in a safe place with 24-hour support, care and treatment.

The MLSP’s defense cannot stop at the point that the girl was not raped by the employees in the institution. The child has been raped and prostituted under the umbrella of the system. Taken away from her parents for being engaged in begging just to be sexually exploited afterwards?

The political parties and their organizations (such as the VMRO-DPMNE Union of Women) must immediately stop seeking responsibility in the wrong places, because this child had been “treated” in their time. They need to refer their announcements to themselves and to the responsible ones who led the system as part of their party cadre! Their attempts to earn political points on the account of this child are disgraceful!

An NGO representative at a debate show on Telma TV, after having masterfully characterized the institutes for care and education of children “25 May” and “Ranka Milanovik” as recruiting centers for juvenile prostitution, praised that he had known about this for a long time. And?!

Why is that they did not allow the family to take the child back once they saw that taking her away from them because of begging did not solve the problem (statement by Minister Mila Carovska), while this practice has been abandoned in 2011?

Why is that not even after a single one of the terrible events that accompanied the life of this 12-year-old girl, the family was not allowed to get close or to be with the child?

These are question for which the public has to receive an answer. Today!

This is not the time, nor the space for vanity, but rather for decisive action. The new government of Zoran Zaev has to stop protecting criminals and criminogenic elements that have turned the institutions into bloodthirsty and criminal monsters, who are hiding behind the laws and practices of the fallen regime.

Everything is written in our, your criminal code: Neglecting and mistreating a juvenile (Article 201): “A parent, adoptive parent, guardian or some other person who by crudely neglecting his duty of caring and upbringing neglects a juvenile or mistreats him, shall be punished with imprisonment of three months to three years. The punishment from item 1 shall apply also to a parent, adoptive parent, guardian or some other person who forces a juvenile to work which does not correspond to his age and physical force, or from self-interest induces him to begging or to performing other activities which are damaging to his development. If because of the crimes from items 1 and 2 a serious body injury or a severe damage to the health of the juvenile was caused, or the juvenile started with begging, prostitution, or other forms of asocial behavior, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment of at least ten years”.

What are we waiting for? There’s the law! Do we need to think that some party soldiers and criminals for whom there is a certain political market are being protected?

Instead of extinguishing the fire that is consuming the image of the institutions and the government bodies, an obligation should be taken to protect the citizens, especially the children. That would be honest and sincere.

There is no need for the entire system to be tormented, for ministers to be put at the disposal of television stations, to adjust (or not) debate shows with endless elaborations of future “steps”, “phases” and “projects”, while each minute lives of children (like this 12-year – old girl) are brutally and systematically destroyed by sociopaths hidden under the umbrella of the institutions.

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