CIVIL determines irregularities in pre-election period, calls for support from citizens

CIVIL has always been and remains in the position that the state HAS AN OBLIGATION  to maximally respect the right to vote in any situation, regardless of whether voters have been not attentive in the communication with the registration services or if it concerns an error of the system. Based on CIVIL’s long-term election monitoring, it has been concluded that the presidential election campaign has started long ago, although the law anticipates the start of the campaign on April 1, three weeks before election day.  Structural violence, hate speech, fake news, corruption, unlawful political financing, abuse of authority, vote-buying, pressures, threats and blackmail have been part of the pre-election folklore in previous election processes. CIVIL notes that many of the previous weaknesses, irregularities and fraudulent practices in the election processes have been partially overcome with the new Electoral Code, the strengthening of some of the relevant institutions and other reform steps.

CIVIL is closely monitoring the situation on the ground and has already determined a series of inconsistencies, irregularities and negative incidences in this election process.

As always, CIVIL, as an organization for human rights and freedoms, bases its monitoring largely on reports of citizens, citizen journalists and hundreds of supporters and members of the organization across the entire country. CIVIL reminds that every information during this period is important. There is no unimportant information. Therefore, regardless in which format the information arrives: photo, video, posts on the social networks and other types of communication, personal testimony or event, it is welcomed.

All those who would like to help in the election monitoring can join as long-term or short-term CIVIL observers. More important: regardless of whether you are connected to CIVIL as associates, members and supporters, participants in seminars for citizen journalism, or have participated in election processes as our observers, all aware and conscientious citizens, associations, organizations, and even institutions, can contribute to the defense of the right to vote and alert the public and relevant institutions about irregularities and thus help for the election process to be free, fair and democratic. The entire society is called upon in the fight for eradication of election irregularities, starting from hate speech and false news up to abuse of the administration and public resources, before the consequences become too difficult.

.“Where to report election irregularities, if not in CIVIL?” – was the recent short statement of Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL, an organization that enjoys enormous trust from citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, background or origin.

Reports can be sent by email ([email protected]), on Facebook, at the following phone number (02 / 5209 176), at the online application for election irregularities or personally in the office of the organization in Skopje.

CIVIL Communication Team


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