Long live May 9!

Two years after the bloody incident on May 9 in Divo Naselje – Kumanovo, CIVIL – Center for Freedom is reminding and calling for responsibility of the institutions and all political entities in the country. We remind the institutions that they have a responsibility towards the citizens of Macedonia, to clear this case, in a transparent and objective manner.

At the same time, CIVIL is once again expressing its sympathy and support for the families of the fallen police officers and all those concerned and affected by this tragedy.

On the occasion of this tragic event, CIVIL emphasizes that we live in an ironic situation. One of the benefits of the authoritarian rule of Gruevski is that he kept all citizens of all communities of Republic of Macedonia together, united in pursuit of freedom, justice and democracy. The anger and pursuit of democracy is what united all the communities.

Such unity was manifested in the dramatic hours of the “small” bloody war in Kumanovo, on May 9, 2015. The domestic and international public witnessed the overcoming of the ethnic differences both at the big protest of the citizens on May 17, 2015 and at the numerous protests that followed, including the Colorful Revolution in 2016. In these months as well, after the elections in 2016, the citizens of Republic of Macedonia, regardless of their ethnic affiliation, did not succumb to the provocations from the protests of the initiative “For a Joint Macedonia” and to the violence in Parliament.

Despite the continuous systematic operation to cause discord and ethnic tensions and thus to govern with fear, threats and violence, we can see maturing of the social conscience in Republic of Macedonia. The Macedonian society is maturing, both politically and socially, it has developed a political culture that has given a new quality to life in the country.

Neither the political parties, nor the institutions that were captured by the recent ruling parties, managed to contribute to the political maturity of the citizens of Republic of Macedonia. It is precisely the citizens who are the carriers of the stabilization of the interethnic relations. They are the heroines and heroes of the restoring of freedom and democracy in the country.

Macedonia’s road to freedom and democracy is long and difficult, and demands much efforts and sacrifices, but it will certainly happen. The free-minded and pro-democracy forces, the politically conscience citizens of Macedonia have found their path from which there is no withdrawing.

On this day we defeated fascism in 1945. We will win this day as well! Happy May 9!


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