New irregularities noted in prisoner voting

Same as in the first round of the presidential elections, the detainee Z.T. who was sentenced for a case known in the public, and has been serving his sentence in the Prilep prison, is again not in the electoral register and thus, cannot enjoy his right to vote. As per our information, he has been detained for 2 years now, of which, 8 months in the Prilep prison. Yet, in the electoral register he was listed under his home address.

“Even though the competent took the responsibility to correct their mistake, they failed to do so. They were excusing themselves by saying that it was already done. Last year I voted in the investigation prison, and this year, as my wife tells me, I was listed in the electoral register under my home address”, Z.T. says.

CIVIL concludes inconsistencies during the voting in Shtip prison, where, our information tell, the prisoners were persuaded to vote for a specific political party and a specific candidate. The prisoners were offered a bribe to vote for a certain political party, and in return, they would receive soap, two wafers and two razors.

For the first round of the presidential elections, media already reported on the bribery of prisoners with 100 grams of coffee, juice and wafers.

Meri Jordanovska

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