SEC to CIVIL: We take your annotations as information

The State Electoral Commission (SEC) will not take annotations and reports on irregularities submitted by CIVIL on the Elections Day.

We consider your annotations as information and can not take any decisions upon them. This is what Nikola Rilkovski, SEC Chairperson stated at the press conference today.

"We received a large number of annotations from the nongovernmental organization Civil, but for us that is submission of informative material. Those are not data that we can take into consideration for specific decisions. We will only take decisions upon official data from complaints" - said Rilkovski.

The SEC Deputy Chairperson, Subhi Jakupi, said for Civil Media that Civil is not active participant in the elections and that only political parties may use irregularities noted by Civil.

"You are not active in the elections, despite the fact that you have observers. Your reports are not binding for us to respond, they are information only. It is not our obligation to react. Political parties may take your annotations as information and react upon 48 hours", Jakupi said.

Civil submitted a document containing almost 250 cases of irregularities on the Elections day to SEC yesterday. Civil submitted another two annotations and one report to the SEC during the elections campaign or one day after the first round of the elections.

Arbana Qerimi

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