Statement of the Ombudsman Memeti on irregularities during the voting conducted in the prisons

After the reactions of numerous prisoners in the jail in Shtip, who reacted for being offered bribe to vote, the CIVIL team called the Ombudsman, Ixhet Memeti.

Below is our conversation with Memeti:

CIVIL: Mr. Memeti, in relation to the reactions of the imprisoned in the jail in Shtip, are you willing to act in response, having in mind that these persons have been offered a bribe to vote for a certain political party and a presidential candidate?

MEMETI: You understand nothing! I am safeguarding the human rights. I am aware that your observer was not allowed to enter and it is natural...

CIVIL: We are not calling about the observer, but about the imprisoned...

MEMETI: Fine, and what do you want from me now?

CIVIL: Will you act in response; will you go to the jail in Shtip to investigate these claims?

MEMETI: Everyone is invited to call our free-of-charge telephone line to report irregularities. There you go. And now, have a good day.

CIVIL already made it public that part of prisoners in Shtip jail were bribed to vote for a certain political party, and in return, they would receive soap, two wafers and two razors. CIVIL received information that the prisoners were even offered money, although they were not listed in the electoral register.

Meri Jordanovska

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