Increased presence of police in Tearce, voting runs smoothly

An increased presence of police forces is noticed in Tearce, where there is an election rerun in polling station 2011. The police are behaving professionally and correctly, whereas the increased presence is with the purpose of ensuring the right to vote and the legality of the process. CIVIL’s observers are inside the polling station, but also on the ground, in search of information on the behavior of all actors in this election.

The latest unofficial information from the polling station shows a turnout of over 380 voters until 16:00h. Voting is running smoothly and in a calm and dignified atmosphere, with greater movement noticed on the street where primary school “Kiril Pejcinovic”, in which the rerun is held, is located. There are numerous TV crews, private and police vehicles and pedestrians moving around in the center of Tearce, and it has been noted that party headquarters are also opened and active.

There have been remarks regarding the great number of news crews, with some citizens having complained that their privacy is being violated. In general, voters have the right to privacy and photo reporters and cameramen are advised not to stay at the polling station so as to allow privacy of voters and secrecy of voting. On the other hand, the media are here in order to provide information and transparency of the process, and they are performing this function in a completely correct and professional manner, according to reports from the ground.

CIVIL remains in Tearce until the end of the rerun in Tearce.


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