Final confirmation from the MOI regarding the vote-buying

Despite the attempts of certain media to disqualify CIVIL’s information on the cases of vote buying, these cases have finally been confirmed also with an announcement by the MOI at 14:30 today. We are presenting the entire announcement.

In relation to the event reported on 24.12.2016 in the Sector for Internal Affairs (SIA) Tetovo for the crime of – “receiving bribes”, pursuant to Article 162 of the Criminal Code of Republic of Macedonia, measures and activities have been taken by SIA Tetovo for solving the case. Hence, a report was prepared regarding the criminal charges in which two persons S.Sh. and F.I were reported of committing – “vote buying during elections and voting” in the period from 22.12.2016 until they were reported on 24.12.2016. They performed this in the night hours when they had gone to the person reporting this case and to several other families in the village of Tearce, which were offered from 100 to 500 euros for every voter not to realize their voting right.


At the same time, they asked for their ID cards or copies of them. From the discussion with the person reporting the case it has been determined that on 22.12.2016 the person with the initials S.SH. came to their home and asked for the ID cards of his family members who have the right to vote and demanded for them not to vote, for which he would be given money. The person reporting the case had not accepted the offer.

After receiving the application and having the official discussion, the Public Prosecutor on duty in Tetovo was informed. The inclusion of OKP Tetovo for taking all measures and activities for solving the situation was ordered on his behalf, with an order for the persons stated in the report to be summoned for official interrogation. Also, OJO Tetovo has given the chief of OOK-OJP Tetovo guidelines for the persons that are indicated in the Report as witnesses along with the potential perpetrators not to be summoned in SIA Tetovo in the period 24.12.2016 and 25.12.2016, so as for the election process not to be interrupted and for the procedure to continue on Monday 26.12.2016.


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