Citizens from disadvantaged areas demand resignation of the Government!

Serife Zekiri (64) from Kamnik in Skopje, mother of two children and grandmother of 6 grandchildren, spoke to CIVIL Media, with tears in her eyes, about the drama her family went through during the floods on Saturday night. She says they had barely survived when the water had entered the first floor of their house. All the rooms became flooded at once, and in one of them was their seven-month old grandchild sleeping, with his two-year old sister.

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Refik Rustemi (60) also lives in Kamnik.  He remembers every detail when tragedy knocked on the gates of the village. A loud sound was heard, horrifying when the walls came coming down. An 83-year-old man, unable to get up from his bed, was swept away by the water and when ARM soldiers had arrived the next day found his body at the end of the village. Another woman is still being treated, because the kitchen wall had collapsed over her under the pressure of the incoming water.

Screams could be heard everywhere, shouting, calls for help, adults who had the opportunity to save the children pulled them to higher floors or to the ceilings of the houses, where they remained there for hours until first aid was offered to them. The thunders, lightning, heavy rain and horrific torrents that had swept away everything in their path, stopped early in the dawn.

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Four days after the floods, these people stand to face survival. They have nothing in their homes, no food, no clothing, no living conditions at all, their fruits scattered on the fields, with only corpses of livestock left, which once were a source for survival, and are left with no money.

Dzemal Rustemi, claims that his family has suffered damage in the amount of 100.000 euros. He blames the government coalition of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI for the entire tragedy, and hopes that finally “all the lies of both parties” will come to an end at the next elections. He feels he was let down, because not one promise of the politicians has been realized, while the threat for the survival of the village still lurks.

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Bedzet Sadiki (50) is determined that there is a way out of the entire crisis, but only if this government changes. He does not believe the politicians, because he says that for 25 years they have been promised better infrastructure conditions in the village.

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However, many other citizens of the neighboring settlements in the disadvantaged areas are also dissatisfied with the government and have accusations for the unfulfilled election promises. They all demand change in the government, because they feel totally betrayed.

Моnika Taleska

Camera: Аtanas Petrovski

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