Colorful Revolution: There will be justice in Macedonia!

Citizens of Macedonia, citizens of the World,

June 6th is a date imprinted with blood in our memories. A day when all of us found out about the cruelty and brutality of this government. A day when we understood that the government hid the murder of a child. On exactly five years of the murder of Martin Neshkovski, we the citizens declare that we will take matters in our own hands!
However, June 6th from today means a great victory for the citizens of Macedonia. The so called president Ivanov declared that he retracts all 56 abolitions from April 12th 2016. Fellow citizens, our fight is showing results, we are winning and we are stating that the time has come for ourselves to put an end to this crisis. Now, when we know our numerousness and perseverance leads to justice and freedom, it is key to continue even stronger, to the definitive fall of this autocratic and corrupt regime!

Today we were going to declare a plan with specific steps and one unequivocal deadline – from which there will be no stepping down. The first step of our plan was the full retraction of the abolition. It is apparent that our announcement of that plan affected the regime. The regime cracked again, just like their concrete.

There will be no abolition! That means there will be justice!
However, we emphasize that the most adequate way to cancel the abolition is through authentic interpretation of the Law of Pardoning by the National Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

We state to this government, to take our demands very seriously and to urgently fulfill them so this crisis does not deepen.

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The plan now contains two urgent steps which must be fulfilled very soon:

    The work of the Special Public Prosecutor is threatened by a risk to be declared anti-constitutional. The partisan Constitutional Court could protect the criminals from the persecution of the justice. That is why we are asking for the Constitutional court to remove this danger and finally declare its position on the constitutionality of the SPP. The SPP cannot be declared anti-constitutional. The justice and fight against the crime and constitutional categories that must not be under threat!
    All participants in the protests from April 12th and later which have been detained should be released and the charges submitted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for all demonstrators should be retracted.
    Our fellow citizens are being held in detention for over one month. Our fellow citizens are being called on informative conversations, and criminal charges have been opened for more than 30 citizens. We are being put in detainment, we are stigmatized, but we will not be intimidated. These attacks must stop. We call for an urgent release of all detained demonstrators and stopping of all forms of pressure over free citizens who express their revolt.

The deadline for fulfillment of these two key demands is June 18th 2016! 

Only by fulfilment of these demands in full and without any delays, maters will move from a stand still. Only in this way will we begin to solve the deep crisis in which this government has pushed the country. Otherwise citizens will take democracy and freedom in their own hands.

Alongside the two demands for which we are announcing the end date of June 18th, we emphasize our other demands:
• Resignation of the current government of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI and forming of a transitional government which will fully implement the urgent reform priorities of the Priebe Report and create conditions for fair elections;
• Establishment of a special unit within the Criminal Court responsible for cases under jurisdiction of the Special Prosecutor;
• Compulsory involvement and presence of independent representatives of civil society in the process of resolving the crisis;
• The process of crisis resolving to take place on the territory of Republic of Macedonia;
• Resignation of Gjorge Ivanov from the function President of Republic of Macedonia.

Respected fellow citizens,

From today we are changing the form of the protests. From today they will see us every day, with different forms of protests, stronger and louder. The protests will be radicalized with the aim to accomplish our demands.

On Wednesday, June 8th, exactly at noon we will block traffic in Skopje!
With this blockade will show how our system looks like for years. We live in a blocked country with a blocked country with blocked access to justice, blocked and partisan institutions. We will disable the movement like with years tis government has disabled normal life, equality and freedom of citizens.

We call all citizens to join this blockade to send a strong message of unity and decisiveness. This form of resistance is necessary because the Government has been deaf to our demands for months. A blockade of the system is necessary to prevent and block justice!

We ask for understanding and support of all our fellow citizens, since we are doing this for better future for all of us.

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#ШаренаРеволуција #Протестирам



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