Civil continues with the monitoring of the elections and calls for free and nonviolent elections. In addition, an information stand will be set up for meetings with the media and citizens

On the eve of the repeated voting of the local elections’ second round in the Republic of Macedonia, Civil will open an information stand where the citizens will have an opportunity to get familiarised with their voting rights, Civil’s activities, as well as with the polling stations where the repeated voting will take place.

141 (Small)The stand will be opened on Macedonia Street, at Mother Teresa’s Memorial tomorrow (Friday, 19 April), from 12 up to 14 o’clock.

The media are invited to visit the stand and to get familiarised with our activities within the Free and Nonviolent Elections Project. In addition, the citizens could express their views and impart information about the course of the electoral cycle.

On Sunday, Civil will be monitoring the voting in the municipalities of Centar, Struga and Dolneni with 25 observers who are part of the Prevention Working Groups and Mobile Monitoring Teams. Also, on the Election Day, Civil will have a hotline 02/5209176 on which all electoral irregularities could be reported, as it was done on the previous Election Days.

Finally, we appeal once again to all participants in this electoral process to adhere to the laws and principles of free and nonviolent elections. The findings on this electoral process so far indicate serious irregularities, unlawful actions and abuses. We appeal to all participants in this electoral process to refrain from non-democratic actions, at least in the remaining few days, and to allow the voters to freely express their will.

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