Civil with increased monitoring for the elections

The first round of the presidential elections was marked by an array of irregularities, registered by the observers of Civil - Center for Freedom. The extremely extensive job that Civil carried out the last time is an additional motivation for the organization to increase its presence on Sunday with additional observers on the field, the number of which makes a total of 116 observers. All of them will be in direct contact with the desk in the press center, which will be recording all cases regarding violation and breach of the Electoral Code, as well as other events that are subject to monitoring under the Free Elections 2014 project.

Прес конференција на 22.04.2014

Same as the previous time, on the Election Day, April 27, Civil will have an open press center in the GEM club, starting from 7 a.m. until midnight. Press conferences are scheduled for 12, 2, 4, 6, and 10 p.m. and 12 a.m. In addition, there will be a panel discussion at 7 p.m. with invited guests, all expert from various fields.

Live streaming video of the entire programme shall be provided at the website In the same moment when each of the events has finished, all contents shall be immediately available for review in the multimedia archive on this website.

In the same time, citizens will be able not only to report electoral irregularities at, using the prescribed form for that purposes, but during the panel discussion, they will be able to engage in live online conversation with questions and comments, through the social network Twitter, using the hashtags #изборимк and #izborimk (in Macedonian), #zgjedhjemk (in Albanian) and #electionsmk (in English).

Прес конференција на 22.04.2014

The news desk, CIVIL MEDIA will continue its work and it will be active during the Election Day. All contents published on the official website of CIVIL, are available for download without any restrictions. We leave it up to you and your good will to cite the source with a link to the original text, if you like.

Civil invites all NGOs and citizens to come to the press center on April 27 with information and observations for the Election Day, and for the electoral process. There, you can find printed and electronic materials for journalists and other interested parties; and the observers and the leaders of the Free Election 2014 project, as well the other organizations, will be available to give statements, information and analysis.

Apart from the contact form at, citizens can also report irregularities at 02/5209-176 and 075/707-143, as well as at the e-mail

By Petar Stojkovikj

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