Four multimedia exhibitions will open simultaneously in the Multimedia Center Mala Stanica (National Gallery of Macedonia) today (Friday, October 18), beginning at 20 h. The exhibitions are part of the “Speak Up” – project of artists for human rights and solidarity, implemented by Civil – Center for Freedom

The artistic “visual uprising” within the framework of “Speak Up!”- a project of artists for human rights and solidarity, opens in times when society is facing serious challenges in the area of respect for human rights and freedoms. Citizens of Macedonia are being deprived of a range of basic human rights and freedoms, among which the freedom of speech and media are high on the list. At the same time, there is a noticeable lack of solidarity and dialogue among people and different forms of societal organizing, as well as restrain and hesitation to take action to improve the current conditions in the country.

These are among others, are the fundamental motives for starting and leading the initiative “Speak Up!” by Civil- Center for Freedom. Inspired by the current conditions in human rights and freedoms in society, Maja Stefanovska, Harald Schenker, Aleksandra Maya MIlosevic and Xhabir Deralla are presenting approximately sixty artworks at the Multimedia Center “Mala Stanica”.

Poster - Maja Stefanovska expoMaja Stefanovska will present to the public a series of paintings and a premiere short film screening under the title “Muteness”. Harald Schenker will show photographs titled “Hjumn Rajc” accompanied by messages which contemplate and comment current conditions in human rights in an extraordinary way. Aleksandra Maya Milosevik will exhibit 9 works in mixed media titled “ytinamuH” (humanity - reversed) Xhabir Deralla is showing another edition of the satirical project “We Are the Truth”, including art-installation, photographs, visual poetry and messages, as well as a poetry performance.

At the opening of these exhibitions, H.E. Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Gudrun Steinacker, the director of the National Gallery of Macdonia Ms. Halide Palloshi and Xhabir Deralla, producer and one of the authors, will all give speeches. The official opening will be followed by a screening of the film “Muteness” by Maja Stefanovska and her artworks. Next is a short video conversation with the author Harald Schenker. Afterwards, artworks of Aleksandra Maya Milosevik and Xhabir Deralla will be presented in that order.

The project “Speak Up!” is an initiative by Civil-Center for Freedom, an organization for human rights and freedom, peace and weapon control, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Germany.


Poster - Xhabir Deralla expo Poster - Maja Stefanovska expo Poster - Harald Schenker expo Poster - Alexandra Maya Milosevic expo



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