Children misused for public meetings

Minor children were seen yesterday carrying a party flag during the public meeting of the Democratic Union for Integration held in the vicinity of Negotino village, Polog region. This action may be seen on the photos shared by a CIVIL observer.

In addition, children attended a public meeting of VMRO-DPMNE in Kumanovo, accompanied by their parents, who are party activists. Our observer reports that the number of children has been raised who attend public meetings and visit party headquarters. For that purpose, children are excused from schools. These children have been wearing promotional t-shirts and caps to promote party interests.

Yesterday, during a statement made for CIVIL Media, Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa, who is Deputy Ombudsman, solicited from parents not to take their children to public meetings.

“We have been observing the situation, and from what we have seen, these children have been attending along with their parents. We, as an institution cannot do anything, but to urge parents to restrain and stop misusing their children for party and political purposes”, Bajramovska-Mustafa said.


Арбана Ќерими

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