CIVIL Panel: “Victims of the regime – testimonies and pictures”, not to be forgotten

CIVIL is organizing a panel discussion titled “Victims of the regime – testimonies and pictures” tomorrow, Saturday, December 21, at Hotel Continental, starting at 12 noon.

So far, the following speakers have been confirmed: Tomislav Kezarovski, Ljube Boskoski, Velija Ramkoski, Pavle Bogoevski, Vane Cvetanov and others. Tomorrow’s event is organized following the many suggestions of citizens across the country, who want to hear, but also share memories of the victims of the regime in the period 2006 – 2016. The organizers inform that, following the presentations of the confirmed speakers, all attendants will have the opportunity to participate, noting that these interventions can last no longer than three minutes. CIVIL is announcing that in the following period it will be open to record video testimonies of victims of the regime that will be published on the organization’s media platform.

The regime captured and abused the state, especially the police, judiciary and the media. It sanctioned every attempt to express a different opinion with arrests, torture, arranged court process and lynching in the media and on the social networks. CIVIL once again will open this topic for the public so that the atrocities of an authoritarian regime are not forgotten. Detention turned into a sentence, while prison sentences were maximum and draconic, based on suspicious evidence and witnesses.

Xhabir Deralla from CIVIL will be the introductory speaker and moderator of the event. The media and all interested citizens are welcome.

CIVIL Communication Team

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