Ognen Janeski: Let’s live democracy!

CIVIL started the campaign  ”For Free Elections“ with the following statement made by journalist and activist Ognen Janeski: “Lets live democracy!”.  Below we present you the transcript of his statement:

Dear Citizens!

The moment you say to someone that you are not voting at elections, because they are all the same and you do not believe that you can change anything, that is when you have made a big mistake and have sealed the fate of this country in a direction that is not your choice.

Your choice, your voting right is something that shapes the future of this country.

Therefore, never leave your vote unused or start deliberating afterwards whether someone has misused it. In order not to have these dilemmas, we must all go out and vote.

It is the only way that free will and free thought can produce free elections. It is the only way for us not to deliberate about what democracy is, but, to actually live it. Because when you deliberate about what democracy is, do understand at the same moment that there is none. We will not have the need of deliberating the moment we start living it.

Vote freely at elections!

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