CIVIL demands respect for voting rights

CIVIL has presented My Voting Rights project in the GEM Club today, with participation of representatives of civil society, political parties, media, interested citizens, and the organization’s election observers.

CIVIL’s chairperson Xhabir Deralla made a presentation about the project and on the organization’s findings on the situation in the country. Participants continued with a debate about their experience and standpoints on the numerous violations of election processes by the politicized institutions, political parties, and media under government control.

VRP debate 25022015 (15)

“The motive for starting this project is the conclusion that Macedonia is in a constant election campaign. We went through eight election processes in eight years.” – said Deralla. The project will serve as a platform for more efficient operation of CIVIL during elections, will create and propose mechanisms to tackle manipulations, pressure and intimidation of the electoral body in the country.

CIVIL will contribute to awareness-raising, education and mobilization of citizens towards improvement of the elections processes in the Republic of Macedonia, based on democratic standards vs. the continuous elections irregularities and the relentless campaigning. Through awareness-raising, the power of citizens will rise during elections and in defense of human rights and freedoms.

CIVIL and the participants appealed for respect of voting rights and human rights in general.

Sinisha Stankovic

Biljana Jordanovska



My Voting Rights project is supported through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Civil Society Project implemented by the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia

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