CIVIL urges the citizens: Do not be discouraged send us your reports concerning the Voters Register!

Last night at midnight, the State Election Commission (SEC) closed the option for reporting data inconsistencies in the Voters Register, which existed as an option on the SEC website. The large number of reports that SEC received, from the moment when the online application for verifying the Voters Register was announced, is the reason stated for this action.

„This is because the State Election Commission needs time to properly process the applications received, to compare them with data from the cross-referenced checks and to determine which of the reported cases should be subject to field checks, stated the SEC.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom, as a civil society organization that constantly receives information on a daily basis on the numerous irregularities and the chaos in the Voters Register, urges all citizens to continue reporting all inconsistencies in the Voters Register.

„Ending the possibility for sending reports on the SEC website should not discourage citizens, because CIVIL shall continue furthermore to be a place where citizens in addition to reporting irregularities, can also obtain all the necessary information related to their rights as voters, as well as information on the upcoming parliamentary elections”, stated the President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla.

Such cases can also be reported to CIVIL with print screen and a brief note on what it is about.

Reports concerning phantom voters, as well other problems and irregularities can be sent to the following address: [email protected] or contact us at 02/520 9176 or 075/565 830.

CIVIL is monitoring the electoral process through its projects „Forward!“„Free elections for free citizens“ and “Civic Lenses“.

Marija Tegovska

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