Violence in the Macedonian Parliament


Chaos and violence took place in Macedonia today. Officers of the security in the Macedonian Parliament acted in an unspeakable manner and physically attacked people’s representatives of the opposition, beat and dragged them through the corridors.

Before the eyes of the Macedonian public and the world, all rules and principles of democracy, the Constitutions and the laws have been suspended.

Civil – Center for Freedom strongly condemns the violence against citizens, their parliamentarian representatives and journalists.


We appeal for reason and restoration of justice and respect for human rights and freedoms in the Parliament, on the streets of the capital and the country as a whole.

Government officials and the parliamentarian majority, management structures of the security and the police, as well as officers of these structures that acted violently must immediately apologize to the Macedonian citizens and take responsibility for their actions.

Violence in the Macedonian Parliament

Violence in the Macedonian Parliament (

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