Ordanoski, Caca-Nikolovska and Ramadani at the Debate on the crisis in Macedonia

Civil – Center for Freedom, is organizing a Debate on the CRISIS IN MACEDONIA on May 14 (Thursday), starting from 11.00 am at Club GEM (Old Town) which will be dedicated to the political situation in the country.

Keynote speakers of the Debate on the CRISIS IN MACEDONIA, will be Prof. Dr. Saso Ordanoski, political analyst, Margarita Caca Nikolovska, former judge of the European Court for Human Rights and current Judge in the Constitutional Court of BiH and Ramadan Ramadani, NISMA, analyst and columnist.

As previously informed, we will debate on the following issues:

  • What are the factors responsible for the political situation in the country?
  • Will the security crisis in Kumanovo affect the intensity of the civil discontent and the protests scheduled for May 17?
  • What is the outlook for Macedonia?

The media, representatives of civil society, political parties, institutions and other stakeholders have all been invited to the Debate.

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