CIVIL – Center for Freedom is calling on all involved parties in the referendum process, including the parties, party officials, media and civic initiatives, to refrain from propaganda and agitation, according to the Electoral Code, which provides for sanctions for violation of the silence.

This call follows the numerous reports of CIVIL’s observers, who have noted a series of violations to the referendum silence on the social networks.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom yesterday deployed 307 observers throughout Macedonia, of which 30 are long-term observers who have been active for a longer period of time. They are closely monitoring the situation, and are especially committed to eventual violations of the silence, but are also paying attention to all other irregularities, such as vote-buying, threats, pressures and abuses. The election silence started yesterday at 12 midnight.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is calling on all citizens to report every violation to the silence at the following telephone numbers: 070/461 480 and 02/5209 176 or on the website Free Elections.

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