CIVIL is demanding true and consistent respecting and promotion of women’s rights

Women’s rights are human rights that have been protected by international law and the United Nations for 70 years. Women have the right to live free of violence, slavery and discrimination. Women have equal rights to be educated, to own property, to vote and to earn a fair and equal salary just like everyone else in the labor market. Unfortunately, across the world, and also in the Republic of North Macedonia, women and girls are facing denial of their rights, discrimination and violence, simply because of their gender.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8, CIVIL is once again raising its voice in support of all women in the world, and demands an end to discrimination and violence against women. CIVIL demands for the institutions to stop with the declarative efforts and to consistently implement all the laws for protection of human rights and freedoms and for protection against discrimination on a gender basis. The state institutions and the local self-government, as well as the entire society, must work on emancipation and respect for women’s rights.

The policies and practices must improve immediately, without delay, as of today. All those reading or listening to this announcement, must take urgent steps for promoting women’s rights.

CIVIL demands from the Government to prepare legal measures and to introduce practices of strictest sanctioning of every procedure that puts women in a disadvantaged position or discriminates women at the workplace, in the family, in public, or in any other place or situation. The media and civil society organizations must manifest greater responsibility and work on civic education on women’s rights.

CIVIL proposes March 8 to be declared a non-working day for all women in the country.

Equitable representation of women of 50 % in the institutions and decision-making structures must be realized immediately.

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