Prisoners are denied their voting rights

CIVIL obtained additional data on prisoners being denied their voting rights. The wife of a person who is serving in the investigation prison of Shuto Orizari, Skopje, testifies that on the Election Day for the first round of presidential elections, her husband could not be found in the electoral register. When visiting her husband after the first round of elections, he told her that four other people he has been communicating with daily, were not able to vote that day, as their names were not in the electoral register.

The wife of this prisoner then spoke to the family member of three other prisoners dealing with the same case and learned that their names were also not listed in the electoral register and thus, did not enjoy their voting right.

Right after the first round of elections, we reported on such a case in the Prilep prison. The question remains open how high is the number of prisoners in Macedonia facing the violation of their voting rights for these elections.

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