Civil has announced an art and literature competition on the topic "Human rights, peace and tolerance" within the project "All the colors of my country"

The competition is open to children aged 10 to 14 and youngsters aged 15 to 18. Students can compete in several categories of visual art, graphic design, as well as written word-literature.

Due to the end of the school year and the external tests, at your request, the deadline for submission of entries has been extended till July 1, 2013, at 5:00 h p.m.

Besides the deadline extension request, we also received various suggestions and questions. There were dilemmas whether or not literary works need to be written only in Macedonian, or one can write in Albanian, English or any other language as well. We received questions about whether or not one can take part by submitting photographs. Other questions were whether or not we accept computer designs and graphic designs. The answer to all the questions above is positive.

We reiterate that all submitted works will qualify for the summer school of creative expression that will be held at the end of July this year, at some of the summer resorts on Lake Ohrid.

The most successful pieces of work coming from this creative and working summer holiday shall be awarded, whereas selected works of the competition will be used during the project as a foundation of the awareness-raising campaign.

The form, the expression or the number of art or literary works is not limited. That means that even if one has already submitted an entry, they can continue submitting more works. Nevertheless, note should be taken that the ones who will be invited to attend the summer school will have to work with colored pencils, paints, paintbrush and other materials, in addition to computers and photo cameras.

Civil is encouraging you to take part with your pieces of work, without any reserve or dilemmas about the materials and techniques you use to create something. The most important thing for us, dear pals, is that you feel good when creating.

The pleasure to work together, all of us, coming from all parts of the country is immense. While parents encourage us to pursue this type of education; children and youngsters reaffirm the need of socializing and creation every single day.

Let's convey the messages for peace, love, tolerance and solidarity together!

Let's paint, write and tell our best stories!

Together, all of us, through "All the colors of my country".

Anushka Cvetkovska

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