Ordanoski: Gruevski cannot be a Prime Minister

“The government is in a constant race of stealing more time, as it hopes that it will exhaust the democratic initiative”, says Dr. Saso Ordanoski, in his video-analysis.

“The government’s strategy in Republic of Macedonia, under the regime of Gruevski and all of his extensions, starting with President Ivanov and continuing downward, is to steal as much time as possible, because they are in a competition with the time they are stealing from the legal state, especially from the State Prosecutor’s Office and some kind of political stabilization that they want to see according to their criteria.

Hence, each day that is lost, each week that is lost for the legal state, is an advantage for them. The ruling party has big problems within the party, because, realistically, ninety percent of the people in the first echelon are all suspects.

They are, at the private and official level, quite devastated, it is difficult to maintain consensus there, and the leader is in a political and psychological and rather unstable situation, as we have heard, with various falls and uncontrolled behavior.


Basically, they are in a constant race of stealing as much as possible more time, as it hopes that it will exhaust the democratic initiative that stems from Macedonia, but that is also a result of foreign influence, and that when they succeed in catching the citizens in a good condition, it will be easier for them to negotiate their own survival and the overcoming of this difficult crisis in which they are.

The last two months are an extremely good example of how they do this. So, you have a president that carries out an abolition in a completely illegal manner, causing astonishment to everyone, including some of the government’s supporters, and then two months go by in negotiating, analyzing and interpretations, and so on…Two months in which the president continues to cause confusion, because not even he knows on what exactly it is that he bases his assessments and measures on, and after couple of months withdraws his own decision, and in stages that cause additional shocks to the legal system, the political stability, the institutions and the system.

Following the withdrawal of the abolition, there are legal gaps remaining, so that now no one knows, not at the level of the domestic, nor international court and legal practice, what needs to happen. Actually, you have some legal consequences from an unlawful decision made by the president for an abolition. Investigations that have been initiated, trials that have been initiated or trials that have finished and a prisoner has been released are now all put in jeopardy…And now, what’s next?

It is total chaos, and I think that is the intention. Producing chaos is producing instability that continues the fight against the legal state in Macedonia. Do not forget – as we know, the work of the SPO is limited to 18 for initiation of the investigations, and they have already successfully stolen 6-7 months of those 18 months.


This shouldn’t be underestimated, because most of those people are fighting for their own, not only political future, but also for their own life survival, in the sense that their future is at stake, because they know that if they go to a fair trial, at a court with integrity, that their chances to remain free are – relatively small, even if we take in consideration the presumption of innocence to which we all should strive for.

These past two months have been months in which the citizen initiative, through the Colorful Revolution, has gained momentum. However, with such movements, you cannot expect for them to last long. They are movements in which many people take part, movements that demand a lot of energy, organizational efforts, control over the events, in order to avoid unwanted consequences, because as you can see there are provocateurs, people who have been thrown in…Those from the government know the longer this lasts, the greater the chances are for exhaustion, for misunderstandings, for disintegration, inner disputes…And they are trying, through their propaganda, through other methods – the secret police is certainly very involved, as we know, even previously, and especially now – to break down that movement.


Those are the two months behind us. If I were speaking with a sports vocabulary, I would say it’s a tie. This is, however, a victory for democracy, but events are unfolding slowly. People understand that the price will be high, that it will be difficult to arrive to results. This reduces the expectations, and all this goes in favor of the people who are still in power in Macedonia. They have returned to a capacity to govern the state. Indeed, the former Prime Minister will no longer be a Prime Minister, and he himself knows quite well that he shouldn’t impose himself in that function anymore. However, we shouldn’t be surprised if other unexpected moves are made.

As we can see, the decision of the Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of the SPO is being postponed, thus harassing the entire Macedonian public, until they figure out other ways on how to obstruct the work and investigations of the SPO.

Once they figure out that this is impossible, then I think they will bring a decision with which they will terminate it, after which we will once again slip into an aporia. It is always a question of analysis, evaluation of resources, who has more resources. However, I don’t think only of money as resources, when resources are mentioned– people immediately think of finances, but I think of many other resources – political support, staff support, time is a resource, the international community is a resource…it is a close race in which the democratic state is competing with these people, who are trying in every possible way to abuse and ruin the legal, democratic state of – the Republic of Macedonia

But, I think that the past two months have shown that Macedonia has a capacity that will not accept an improvisation in such a way, a way in which the government is trying, particularly through President Ivanov. It is now clear that Ivanov’s position is unsustainable and now he will enter the package that will eventually be delivered, and will end with his resignation.

Sasho Ordanoski, PhD

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