De Zulueta: We are against the negative rhetoric, personal attacks against certain candidates, especially against women

At today’s press conference of the ODIHR in relation to the assessment of the second round of the Local Elections, Tana De Zulueta, who heads the ODIHR Election Observation Mission, in regards to CIVIL’s question about their stance on the black campaign before the elections and on Election Day, as well as what measures should be taken by the institutions, she replied:


-In regards to the negative rhetoric, specifically, personal attacks against certain candidates, and often women, but even more directly, what happened on the social networks even more directly, in public speeches, as you noticed, we are against it, we consider that it is contrary to best practices, and this does not create a climate in which the candidates can clearly express their views, and also voters are not able to determine their own opinion and it becomes like a gladiator ring.

-In regards to taking measures, there are ways for restitution if certain limits are exceeded in terms of slander, so I think that it should be clear that the citizens, candidates and other persons who believe they are a target of such attacks, should have a real opportunity to be compensated.

Asked for a comment on the decision of Prime Minister Zaev to resign right after the end of the second round of elections, De Zulueta said that they do not comment decisions of political actors, but are here to observe and comment the election process, but not the results.


Translation: N. Cvetkovska

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