Extremists must be held accountable!

Somewhere with good, somewhere with a knife! – VMRO-DPMNE’s message is clear and we have been hearing it for months now. This is an open and direct call for extreme political violence, which is a crime. And the latest call of the Union of Youth of VMRO-DPMNE for a “film projection” of a film about the Kyoseto, corresponds with the vocabulary of this party’s leadership.


Call of the Union of Youth of VMRO-DPMNE

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is clearly, loudly and explicitly reminding the institutions that it is their duty to respond to the spreading of fear and hatred and political extremism with appropriate legal sanctions. Otherwise, they will be accomplices in the criminal undermining of the stability and security of the country.

We urge parents to be responsible and cautious and to do everything that is in their power so as not to allow criminal minds to contaminate their children. It is meaningless for children to be pawns in the hands of a handful of criminals. There is no reason why children and young people should get entangled in the dirty attempts of criminal structures to avoid responsibility for the crimes they have performed.

Parents, tell your children that these structures do not choose the means through which they will maintain their positions of power. Their goal is to continue with ruthless exploitation and humiliation of their loyal subjects, and of everyone else. Tell children to try to grow into normal and conscientious citizens, and not to serve the evil.

We urge the police to take maximum measures for prevention of violence that could occur as a result of the destructive appearances of irresponsible politicians in the public, or from provocations on the social networks, the media, or from “civic” initiatives like “long knives” and similar.

The prosecution has to initiate proceedings against leaders and senior political party representatives, who in recent months have been calling for violence against political opponents and have been spreading fear based on ethnic and religious affiliation.

Organizers and promoters of extremism have to be held accountable, regardless of their affiliation or social position!

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