Conference on citizen participation, social justice and sustainable society

CIVIL – Center for Freedom, in cooperation with the Heinrich Bὅll Foundation , is organizing the conference “Society Without Borders” on June 13 (Tuesday), at Hotel City Park, Skopje, starting at 12:30 pm. The conference is dedicated to citizen participation, social justice and sustainable society.

Representatives of institutions, civil society, trade unions, the media and interested citizens are all invited to the conference.

The conference program includes opening speeches by Ivana Tufegdzik, Irena Sterijovska and Jasmina Golubovska, presentations and analyses by CIVIL’s team, video projections and presentations by the participants invited to the conference. Presentations and comments are also expected from representatives of civil society and trade unions, and by other participants as well.

CIVIL is implementing the pilot project “Society Without Borders”, which within its framework promotes the Citizen’s Charter and strengthens public awareness on social justice and environment, through events, surveys and media production. The project also anticipates establishing cooperation between several civil society organizations in areas that are relevant to the project.

Media contents that are specifically related to the project can be found on the website Green CIVIL and on the Facebook Page Social Justice Now!

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