CIVIL to observe referendum in Bogdanci

The monitoring team of CIVIL – Center for Freedom will be observing the implementation of the Referendum in Bogdanci, on June 11(Sunday).

Citizens of the Municipality of Bogdanci will be voting on two questions at the Referendum. The first one is whether the construction of the Kazandol mine should be stopped, and at the same time citizens will be voting on whether to allow any such exploitation of ore within this municipality.

As always, CIVIL is open for reports from citizens, as well as stories from citizen journalists. Reports on irregularities can be submitted through the following telephone numbers: 078 746 138 and 075 389 698, with the website Free Elections also being available for reporting election irregularities. In this occasion, CIVIL is reminding citizens that recently it also published an online Form on reporting political pressures, mobbing and discrimination. Reports can also be submitted through a message on the Facebook Page Free Elections.

CIVIL will submit the reports to the Municipal Election Commission in Bogdanci, and will be informing the public on the progress of the Referendum through announcements, articles, on the website CIVIL Media and through information on CIVIL’s social networks.

About 7000 residents of the Municipality of Bogdanci have the right to vote at the Referendum, at 12 polling stations.


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