April 12: Protest Day

On Friday, April 12, CIVIL – Center for Freedom will mark Protest Day, as continuation to the joint initiative in cooperation with photographer Aleksandar Kondev.

The observation will begin at 2.00 pm at the Monument of fallen fighters 1991-1992, in front of café “Garson”. The day will be marked with music, speeches and video projections of photos and videos of civic protests in the period 2014-2016, starting from the student protests, the movement I Protest/Protestoj, up to the Colourful Revolution.

Last year, through the exhibition and performance “Protest(s)” of Aleksandar Kondev in cooperation with CIVIL and part of the activists of the Colourful Revolution, the idea was born for this day to be marked as a day of civic protests, thereby giving recognition to citizens who have raised their voices throughout the years in the name of freedom, equality and justice.

As always, all citizens, participants in the pro-democratic civic protests, are invited to be part of the marking of the historic awakening of the Macedonian civic awareness.

CIVIL will submit an initiative to the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia to proclaim April 12 as Protest Day in honour of the progressive, pro-democratic values for which a huge number of citizens in the country advocate for.

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