Zaev: We are acting in the direction given by the citizens, let us unite, the state can move forward only if Skopje pulls forward as well

The President of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, today addressed the public at a press conference, two days after the first round of the local elections.



“Allow me at the start, to first thank the partners in the government coalition, who throughout the day, have made it clear that we remain together on the democratic and European path and have confirmed their commitment for the country to continue to move forward. In these moments, the clearly and publically expressed commitment to be united in fulfilling the expectations of the citizens and in securing a better future for all our people does mean something.

Today, all the disinformation we heard in the previous days about alleged new majorities have been exposed. Today we have a clear confirmation – we have a government majority and government coalition that is stable, united, a coalition that is leading our society forward, strong and united. We continue to work in a dedicated manner, together for the good of the citizens. However, we have another challenge ahead of us.

The citizens have sent us clear criticism, a warning, I would say also a punishment. We hear that stance and that voice, we understand it and respect it. We are aware, both I personally, and the party, that there is no more tolerance for repeating the same mistakes. We are a party that listens to the people, and does not trample them”, said Zaev.


“SDSM learns, changes and corrects its own mistakes in order to provide fast progress of the state and better life for the citizens. This is a democratic, open, grounded political option that corrects itself and changes after criticism. SDSM, starting from Monday, has entered a process of redefining and promoting the channels for interaction and communication with the citizens. We are taking steps to better understand and more quickly respond to the needs of the citizens. SDSM listens, opens up even more, becomes more accessible for the people and strengthens the mechanisms for a quick response to the needs.


This warning that was given to us by the citizens, will also be reflected in improving the work of the municipal and also of the central institutions and of the government. We have nothing else to say to the citizens except – ‘Thank you, Understood, Acting!’

Not from the next term, not after the local elections, not from next Monday. Now. From this moment. From this moment, SDSM is acting in the direction given by the people and SDSM is changing.

Therefore, the first message is to my party friends: we received a yellow card from the citizens. Whether it will become red, for each of us, and for all of us, depends on how much we will listen to their voice.

Therefore, dear citizens, I would like to ask you to give a chance for the country and society to continue to move towards the future, instead of returning towards the past. I ask that we unite in this clear and common goal of ours. Let’s all unite, all freethinking, critical, democratic, European, progressive forces.

In the name of everything we have achieved so far, I would like to send a message of joint action, because there is a risk for the country to turn back, in great uncertainty and crisis.

I call for us to unite in order to move forward. To go to the polls and to vote for our villages and towns, for our country, to continue moving forward. For all of our cities. Do not forget, in the second round we are in 40 municipalities, including the City of Skopje.

And Skopje pulls the country forward. Skopje is ours, belongs to everyone. Primarily, to the people of Skopje, but to all others, to the Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Roma, Vlahs, Bosniaks and others… to all who live, but also all who pass through it. There is no progress if Skopje goes backwards.

That is why my people, October 31 is not just a choice about solving communal problems. October 31 is a choice of where the state will go. And can the state move forward if Skopje starts to pull backwards? Can the state move forward if new galleys, weeping willows and new kitsch returns in Skopje?

My government, our government can lead forward only if Skopje pulls forward. That is how progress is achieved, that is how development is achieved. Therefore, I call for us to unite and on October 31 to vote:

  • to live in freedom and democracy, with a government that listens and corrects itself, and not with a government that is a regime and before which the people are silent
  • to continue the growth of salaries, pensions, scholarships and social assistance, for the money to go to the citizens, in development, in bridges, railroads, boulevards and water supply systems, and not in monuments, in galleys and in kitsch
  • for the integration, the NATO membership that we jointly achieved and for continuing on the European path to which we are strongly committed to, instead of for new uncertainty, quarrels and divisions, both inside and with our neighbours
  • for municipalities where roads are built, schools, kindergartens, gas pipelines, and not for Spanish stairs, monuments, weeping willows, galleys and baroque facades from styrofoam

Let’s unite around the idea and coalition that leads forward in the future, towards NATO, towards the EU, towards a better life and free tomorrow. We know how to make this possible. United!”, called Zaev.



Translation: N. Cvetkovska

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