Veles ready for EU Integration

CIVIL organized a workshop titled “What kind of Macedonia do I want”, as part of the project “Action – Integration”, in Veles, which was attended by the Mayor of the Municipality, Ace Kocevski, representatives of civil society and of political parties.

                                                        Action – Integration in Veles, June 21, 2018

Sinisa Stankovic, representative of CIVIL, at the beginning of the workshop presented the goals and activities that are part of the project “Action – Integration”, but also encouraged the participants to discuss the current socio- political developments through the prism of the European values and green initiatives.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Veles, Ace Kocevski, focused on the opportunities that he has in the Municipality of Veles’s contribution to promote and practice these values, but also to respond to the demands of the citizens.

CIVIL conducted the two-hour workshop, as part of the project “Action – Integration”, in partnership with the Heinrich Bὅll Foundation from Germany.

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