Unrest in Skopje: Truncheons between Macedonia and Europe

The representative office of the Macedonian President Gorge Ivanov in the center of Skopje was demolished and set on fire. Ministry of Justice was stoned. Dozens of protesters were arrested, and as many protesters were injured, including several journalists, a photo reporter and one member of the team of CIVIL – Center of Freedom who was on duty. That is the outcome of tonight’s unrest in the Macedonian capital.

Unrest in Skopje, April 13, 2016 photo: Nikola Ugrinovski, CIVIL

The protest started yesterday and have continued today at 6 PM CET as a peaceful protest against the decision of President Gorge Ivanov, who abolished 56 politicians that are subject to investigations of the allegations contained in the wiretapped recordings, yesterday. Civil society, legal experts, and the international community expressed their indignation with the move.

Protesters demand immediate resignation of Ivanov, and clearly express their support for the Special Public Prosecutor, who is in charge of the investigation on abuse of power, corruption and electoral theft by the highest government officials, including the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

CIVIL has strongly condemned the act of President Ivanov right after his public address yesterday.

The ruling party of VMRO-DPMNE has mobilized a large number of its members and supporters, mainly amongst the public administration’s employees, according to the reports of CIVIL’s monitors who are deployed across the country.

Skopje is peaceful at the moment. As announced, protests will continue tomorrow.

Xhabir Deralla

PHOTO/VIDEO: Nikola Ugrinovski

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