Peter Marki-Zay: If I become Prime Minister, I will extradite Gruevski to North Macedonia

Leader of the civic Movement for “Hungary of Everyone” (МММ) and candidate of the united Hungarian opposition for prime minister, Peter Marki-Zay, stated that if he were to win the parliamentary election next spring, that he plans to extradite to their home countries former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Jordanian businessman Zaif Nafa, who have asylum in Hungary.

Marki-Zay in a post on twitter stressed that it concerns “criminal migrants settled by (the party) FIDESZ”, of current Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

– We will expel the criminal migrants settled by FIDSZ. We will extradite Nikola Gruevski from Macedonia, Zaif Nafa from Jordan and other criminal migrants settled by FIDSZ, said Marki-Zay in the post on Twitter.

Gruevski received asylum in Hungary in 2019, after having fled the country three years ago following a final sentence for serving prison.

The united Hungarian opposition at a preliminary voting organized last month, elected the 49-year-old Marki-Zay, who is Mayor of Vasharhelj, as joint candidate for Prime Minister of Hungary, who at the parliamentary elections in April next year will oppose current Prime Minister Orban and his conservative populist party FIDSZ.

According to public opinion polls, an uncertain fight is expected at the elections in April between FIDESZ and the coalition composed of six opposition parties and independent politicians led by Marki-Zay.


Translation: N. Cvetkovska

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