Parties have entered in 'minus' with the campaign for presidential elections

The final reports about how presidential candidates spent the campaign were published. So far, the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption reached the final two reports - one from GROM party candidate Zoran Popovski, and the other by the DPA Halimi.

According to the reports, the only donor for the election campaign of Halimi is TV Koha, with 200,000 denars, 3,250 euros. Just for advertisment and propaganda, Halimi has spent 5,271 euros, plus three thousand euros for the space and renting equipment. According to the presented financial report, DPA is less of about five thousand euros, which will probably be covered by the budget which belongs to the presidential candidates.

According to the final financial report, candidates from GROM, for the campaign of Popovski, 37 people have donated - some of them have given a thousand euros per campaign. In this way 13,512 euros are collected. Only for advertising and propaganda, GROM's candidate has spent more than 100,000 euros, so that, according to the financial report, the party is in minus for around 92,000 euros.

VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM still have not submitted the final financial reports to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption and the State Election Commission. According to what can be seen from the submitted reports, VMRO-DPMNE is in minus for more than 280,000 euros for presidential elections, while SDSM is in plus for about eight thousand euros. Most people have donated for the campaign of Ivanov - even 1,636.

What is most striking from numbers published so far, is that no person and no company has given money to the party in power for early parliamentary elections. All the means, at least from what can be seen from the reports still unofficial, are about a million campaign VMRO-DPMNE are collected from membership.

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