Children can’t be guilty for the attacks on Zeqiri family

Schoolchildren and kindergarten children can’t be guilty of attacks on Zeqiri family. This was stated today by Faik Zeqiri, after meeting with the mayor of Butel, school and kindergarten principals, close with the courtyard of their house and with their neighbors. Zeqiri added that attacks happening to his family are about something else.

"We met with the mayor and he made some remarks that the school principals and the garden should be more careful. But they are not children who come here to do such things. In my opinion, there is some other purpose, there is no verbal threats, but directly bombings. The President urged to have more police there, but that does not mean that the police will protect us in every moment. Motives are not known yet. We talked with our neighbors, but we have no problem with them", said Zeqiri.


The mayor of Butel Petre Latinovski said that in kindergartens and schools will be set cameras so that if something happens, it will be recorded. He added that he will put pressure to institutions to solve this case.

"The purpose of today's meeting is to appeal and to support the institutions, namely the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to solve this case quickly. By solving this case, it will be easier for us to prevent of being used for other purposes. This case should not be used for political purposes. We also talked with school principals, now,  when the graduation period is, to be careful how students behave and not to drink, because it can cause a problem. All the neighbors said they never had a problem with this family and it shows good coexistence in this municipality", said Latinovski.

Arbana Qerimi

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