Prime Minister Erdogan,

This is going to be a very brief address. There is no need for many words to explain what I feel about your ways and what has to be done without a single moment of delay. So, here it is, Prime Minister Erdogan:

I am detested and outraged by the actions of the Turkish police which operate under your command.

0The terror on the streets of Turkey must stop immediately.

The real face of your regime is exposed.

Your place is in prison.

Now, you must resign and face justice which will be carried out by the new government. You and your party must not have the right to take part in a democratic process such as elections. Just like gangster parties of fascists in other countries are banned or deserve to be banned.

All perpetrators of crimes against the people that have been beaten, imprisoned, tortured and killed on the streets of the Turkish cities in the past several days have to join you in prison after being tried by independent and honest judges.

This is a personal message, but I believe that many of my friends and colleagues share these thoughts and feelings. We are growing and our solidarity is growing. You and your bloodthirsty servants are alone and will lose. Stop before you shed even more blood. Do not compete with your fellow butcher on the Syrian side.

You deserve no more words from me.

Xhabir Deralla

President of Civil – Center for Freedom


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