Ignoring the interests of the citizens has to stop!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom most strongly condemns the urban rampage in the Municipality of Aerodrom, and expresses strong support for the discontented citizens, who have announced a protest for today.

We remind the Mayor of the Municipality of Aerodrom, Zlatko Marin, that his function and task is to be on the citizens’ side and their interests. And the interests of these citizens who are living in the most polluted municipality in Skopje are certainly not the new multi-storey buildings, but clean air and a health environment.

We call on Mayor Marin, to recall on all the debates with his local elections opponent, former mayor Ivica Konevski, in which he offered countless solutions for stopping the uncontrolled construction in the already urbanized part of the municipality. Current Mayor Marin has not tried to implement a single one of these solutions, nor has he accepted the proposals of the activists with whom he had a meeting several months ago.

Almost a year into his mandate in the municipality and the urban chaos continues, while one of the most important items from his pre-election promises, the one for which he received the most votes at the local elections, reducing the construction in the urbanized part of the municipality, not only has it not been realized, but on the contrary, it seems it has already been forgotten.

We call on the mayor to find an appropriate solution, or to accept the solutions that have been offered to him in the past several months. Or, if truly his ‘hands are tied’ as he usually says, he can simply give a moral resignation from the function due to unfulfilling what was promised! Now is the time for him to show his real intent and to stand on the side of the citizens who entrusted him the mandate!


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