Government, reforms and responsibility – immediately!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom welcomes the decision of DUI that was announced late last night by representatives of this party. Now is the time to act according to the Constitution without a moment’s delay.

The imperatives for Republic of Macedonia now are restoring democracy, the rule of law and immediately releasing the state institutions of the years of captivity imposed by political parties and other power structures in the country.

Hence, in this decisive moment, it is most important for the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia to continue with its work and to vote on a government that will fulfill the urgent reform priorities and will return the country’s course towards the Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Republic of Macedonia has lost too much time. Each day it loses, pushes the country into increasingly more uncertainty and chaos.

The political violence has to stop now, and those responsible for inciting and organizing it have to face the full force of the law. This also applies to those not taking appropriate legal measures for its prevention, more specifically to the MOI and the Public Prosecution Office.

The recommendations of Priebe’s Report, of the Agreement for overcoming the political crisis (Przino), the recommendations of the High Representative of the European Union for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, and of relevant experts and civil society organizations in the country all need to be implemented immediately.

This also means urgent reforms in the electoral system and the media ahead of local elections that are to be held in May.

CIVIL still holds to the views and recommendation that were published after the elections in December 2016. Among CIVIL’s recommendations are also the following:

Urgent reform and depoliticization of the State Election Commission, as well as investigation and revision of the work of this institution. Revision of the electoral material and additional procedures for identifying those responsible for the serious election irregularities and holding them responsible. A reformed SEC needs to implement an urgent revision of the Voters Register, in a way that will ensure maximum respect for the right to vote.

Furthermore, unhindered work and extension of the SPO’s mandate has to be ensured, in accordance with the demands of this institution and recommendations of relevant entities. We remind that, for a short period of time, the SPO provided massive support from the citizens, thanks to the professionalism and uncompromising effort for justice.

In this occasion, we warn the institutions and the public that the political decisions have to remain independent from the work of the institutions of justice and that there cannot be amnesty for previous acts.

For additional support and information on all other recommendations, reports and analyses, CIVIL is at the disposal of the public, the institutions and political parties.

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