Violence and abuse of minors has to end, now!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is following the statements of political and ethnic hatred and acts of political violence with repulsion and strong condemnation. We are witnessing ravaging behavior of self-proclaimed patriots and defenders of the identity and sovereignty of Republic of Macedonia. The indoctrination and abuse of minors for carrying out acts of political violence are entirely unacceptable. Those who have been inspiring violence in the past several days must be immediately held responsible.

We call on the institutions, primarily police and prosecution, to immediately take legal actions and to prevent violence from continuing.

We urge parents and teachers to keep minors away from politics and from actions that incite hatred and political violence. They cannot allow for the children and young people to be part of the horrifying scenarios of structures that are only trying to avoid justice for their criminal rule, abuse and electoral fraud.

We are calling on community leaders and conscientious politicians at the local and national level from all parties, to come out with a public condemnation of hate speech and violence. They need to go out to the field, talk to citizens and urge them to overcome the differences through talks and reasoned debate.

The instigators and organizers of violent acts in which minors have been involved, will be held accountable both before the public and the law. The instigators of the ravaging and vulgar promotion of ethno-nationalist hysteria will be remembered as destructive elements that undermine the foundations of the country, for which they falsely claim they defend. They will be held responsible both before the public and the law!

The facades fell off long ago. We call on the transgressors to face consequences of their criminal actions.

Let us recollect… Senior officials of VMRO-DPMNE, immediately after the elections on December 11, 2016, came out with speeches and declarations that resembled the fascist ones from the 20s and 30s of the last century. In the meanwhile, longtime government companion and accomplice of Gruevski, Ali Ahmeti, by far, did not contribute towards overcoming the explosive situation in the country, but rather was supportive to a destructive policy. President Ivanov, with an inflammatory vocabulary and with no condemnation for the violence, once again violated the Constitution and on March 1 did not give the mandate for forming a government.

Violence and abuse of minors has to end, now!

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