CIVIL most strongly condemns attack on Al Jazeera journalist team

CIVIL most strongly condemns the attack on the journalist team of the Al Jazeera media platform and demands from the competent institutions to sanction the attacker according to the law. At the same time, CIVIL appeals to the public to reject and condemn such behaviour of individuals and groups towards the media, but also beyond, towards those who are not like-minded. Violence is not the solution to overcoming differences, it can only deepen them and cause far-reaching damages for society.

This unpleasant incident once again shows that the hate speech that is spread by organized ultranationalist groups and high representatives of certain political parties can lead to violence and hate crimes. CIVIL calls on the public to reject and condemn the black propaganda, hate speech and inciting speech of certain politicians.

CIVIL is using this opportunity to appeal to the relevant institutions to prepare and adopt a legal regulation that will treat the attack on the media representatives as an attack on an official.

CIVIL expresses its support and solidarity with Milka Smilevska and cameraman Jorde Angjelkovic from Al Jazeera and congratulates them on their professionalism and calmness, but also for the courage they showed in this case.


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