Artists painted with the colors of freedom

Exhibition "Colours of Freedom"in the Camp of Libertyinfront of the government, May 26, 2015, 19:30

The Colors ofFreedomis the titleofthe series ofartworkshopsinitiated byCIVIL –Center for Freedom,as part ofthe activitiesin the organization of the coalition “Citizensfor Macedonia”. During theholidayweekend, severalartists painted on thetheme offreedomin the Campof Liberty (#Farewell Nikola) in front of the government building. Their works will be displayed tonight at 19:30 pm in front of the government.11163192_771661109619027_4493008773815774920_n

"We livein a time ofinjustice, violence and tension,suffocation ofthe freedomof speech,occupation ofpublic space, violationofindividual andcollective rightsand freedoms.We livesubstandard lives withvaluesrevampedfrom the darkdays ofhuman civilization. We liveina time whenmuch of theartists andintellectualsare justan ordinarygear wheelof the politicalmachineries." – is stated in thepreface of the publication "Speak" - a project ofCIVIL with theartistsinsupport of humanrights andsolidarity.

The rebellionagainstautocracyandviolation of humanrights is immanent toartists andintellectuals.They have asocial responsibilityto opposesituationsof endangered freedom of expression,structuralviolenceand discrimination.

That it is exactly what the artists did over the past few days, through their works of art created in the Camp of Liberty in front of the government.

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