CIVIL’s new survey: Will there be elections on June 5?

CIVIL – Center for Freedom has started a new survey, this time on the subject “Will there be elections on June 5, and what will they be like” (click on the link). Through this survey, CIVIL will try to detect the opinion of the citizens in regards to the announcement made by most of the opposition parties to boycott the elections on June 5.

Furthermore, the survey contains several questions on whether conditions for holding free elections have been ensured, on whether the elections will help overcome the political crisis, on the trust in the Voters Register, the political discrimination, the media and the Przino Agreement.

The survey is conducted within the framework of the Project “Free elections for free citizens”, and rises from the need of the citizens to engage in creating conditions for holding free elections. The Project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Apart from completing the survey, you can find many other contents on CIVIL’s website on the electoral process and the political crisis, along with an online application for reporting political and other pressure, as well as the Facebook page of CIVIL.

Click HERE to answer the questionnaire that will only take you one minute.

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