CIVIL’s debate, start of the uncompromising fight against profligacy

At the debate “End Profligacy” that CIVIL – Center for Freedom organized yesterday, interested citizens had the opportunity to learn in more detail about CIVIL’s demands regarding the reducing or cancelling of the privileges of public officials.

“End Profligacy” is the message of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, but also the start of the initiative, with the submitting of the demands to the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia on May 14, in which we have stated that it’s high time to entirely cancel the privileges enjoyed by all officials, from former presidents to heads of state agencies. Having in consideration that we are considered a poor country and that we are a welfare state according to the Constitution, some might say that we are a bit late, but I think that it’s never too late to put an end to something. We have to put an end to many things if we want to start functioning as a democratic society and if we want our citizens to enjoy all the rights they have according to the Constitution”, said Biljana Jordanovska from CIVIL.

In addition to CIVIL’s demands, citizens’ proposals from throughout the country were also presented, which were sent to the organization from May 14 and are related to these demands. Citizens’ support for this initiate of CIVIL is growing from day to day.

“We didn’t aim to invite experts and politicians, but rather invited all those who are interested on this topic. From May 14 until now, we received thousands of reactions from citizens. We received the first reaction already in the first hour also from some politicians, for which I thank them on behalf of myself and on behalf of CIVIL. What is important for today’s meeting is that from this point on we must be even more organized. Therefore, I invite you to be part of this civic initiative in the context of preparing concrete solutions for our demands to be finally implemented”, said the President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla.

CIVIL’s demands do not only refer to the  former president of our country, although there was an attempt for spinning this initiative in that direction. The initiative refers to all former and current politicians, both appointed and elected, and all those who are in the situation of spending public money and goods. CIVIL demands cancelling of appanage and life-long pensions.

Cancelling funds and other compensations for all boards of directors. Reducing the number of state agencies by abolishing or merging them, with a reduction of employees. Cancelling the privileges for using official vehicles, representations and security of officials. Drastically cutting travel expenses. Cancelling privileges regarding the procurement of medium and high class official vehicles. Cancelling all discretionary rights of officials, legal changes in terms of changing recruitment practices, public procurements. Introduction of practices in accordance to the standard of citizens. Reduction of number of MPs in the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Following the presentation of CIVIL’s demands, all participants used the opportunity to publically express their views and specific proposals on the subject. In the next days, CIVIL Media will publish a summary of the proposals of the citizens who participated in the event.

A working meeting was held after the debate, where a working group was formed that in the following period will prepare concrete draft-law changes and concrete solutions in the direction of reducing the privileges and greater control in the spending of citizens’ money.

М. Ivanovska
Photo: Angela Petrovska


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